Any way to buy Upsolute if my country doesnt have a dealer (Finland)


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We used to have a dealer in Finland (WD Racing) but when I could not get any reply from them I started asking around and it seems they are not providing Upsolute anymore.

Is there any way I could get an Upsolute tuning chip for my car if there is no dealer in my country?

My car is Hyundai Coupe 2002 (Beta-2, non-CVVT) with lots of modifications coming up (Intake / Exhaust / Headers / Racing cat / Light flywheel / UD pulleys) and having a good ECU tune would be the last touch I need.

Thanks for your help!


Good day,

Thanks a lot for your posting and this information.

We will clear up this situation.

For the tuning a distributor is necessary.

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Any idea if you're going to get a new dealer in Finland? Are you in talks with anyone or interested getting a dealer to Finland?

I'd really love to get an Upsolute tune to my car but currently can't :-\