Audi A4 03 2.5tdi quattro sport (180) remapped with issues


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As above i had my 180bhp 2.5tdi QS remapped by upsolutes uk rep in February but from the instance it was done it has not been running correct.

Issue, the car is still quick i.e. one roads i know it reaches set acceleration targets no faster than it did previously and feels no quicker. Feels through the top end power is there but the inital torque is worse/ no different and a distinct metal on metal rotational noise (perhaps flywheel) is present sub 2000 rpm.

Have replaced the MAF and its not that. Diagnostics machines initially picked up a J399 (expensive fuel injection pump) error registered immediately after the reamp, cleared the fault and its never been present in over 100 miles since the remap. To be fair i have spoken to Simon and he is aware and has been helpful. I woudl like some more advise/ opinions to see if we can trace the issue or if there are any known faults other than the ones we have rtied. i oibviously dont have an endless supply of money to throw at this but the remap brought omn the issue p[erhaps go back to standard until i can trace it.

I have had a 1.8T remapped by upsolute in the past and was delighted, this is proving a lot more problematic. Any advice/ help feedback very welcome.


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thanks for your posting and sorry for the late reply. I would like to recheck your software. Can you please ask Simon to contact me to give me the detailed information about your car. There are some 2.5 TDI V6 180hp engines, where the injection pump can not handle the extra demand of injection.

I hope, we can find a solution for your car and make you an happy customer.

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Sorry i had almost lost hope! Yes i know there were two maps Simon mentioned on the install for the AKE engine, from memory i think he stated a 410nm and a 430nm one. I have the later higher torque one, and that would make sense as from all the work and investigation that has been carried out since it is erring towards fueling. Had the N75 replaced as well as a matter of course and its not that either!

I will call Simon now! And keep you updated.

note: is it the injection pump that is the restriction or the fuel pump?