Difficulties with 2001 Volvo S40 post chip tune


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Hi all, hope you folks can help. I contacted Andre Berube and had a tune done for my 2001 Volvo S40 engine .
I am getting long term fuel trim rich CEL code and the plugs are heavily fouled. and I smell gas in the oil. Additionally I am getting an overboost code, which usually indicates a vacuum leak, though I cannot find one. The turbo control solenoid is relatively new (6 months) and the vacuum lines to it are silicone/platinum lines. Engine specs are as follows:
1966 CC factory rebuilt engine with 60K miles
TD04-14T turbo 4months old w/12K miles
550 cc five0motorsports injectors
3" downpipe to high flow cat reduced down to 2.5 for the last 4 foot of the exhaust system into the stock muffler
Big Bore throttle body
KN cone intake recently cleaned and oiled
Resetting the fuel trim adaptation has no effect - LTFT code still present
MAF has been cleaned



Hello, thank you for your posting.

I am sorry but i dont know how to help you in the forum i think the best will be to contact your distributor directly. We can try to work out a new tuning for your cusotm car or if we can not offer a good tuning we normally offer a money back warranty but for deail information it will be the best to contact Mr. Berube directly.

best regards