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Hi there. I know this may sound like a stupid question, but i have to know if there is such a thing (i mean if it can be done at all).Here's the question: I want to buy a Golf 3 VR6, and as you know, the V6 engines are known for... well for power and for drinking fuel (as creating a vortex in the tank). So is there any way to limit the fuel consumption at all? Lets say i install an UPsolute chip, and i have an ECO mode, where fuel consumption is low (car power too), and i have the standard mode, where consumption is.. well normal (thats high.. like 15L/100Km urban). I'm kinda' new with cars, but in 1 year i will buy my first one, and i want to be ready for it. (currently deciding between a Golf 3 VR6 and an Opel Calibra 2L 16V with C20XE engine)


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The Golf 3 VR6 is a candidate for the remote switch option which would allow you to switch between two files using a remote control Key fob. Note that even with an economy mode the time it would take to to justify the price of the chip ....and or the remote in fuel savings just does not add up in an economical sense. The standard chip is programmed as powerful as we can do it without sacrificing reliability. this is achieved by greater efficiency and it is why there are fuel economy gains. Driving sedately (60 mph and below) slow starts and keeping the car in top maintenance, especially the tires are the keys for economical gains.


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I know about the perfection, and i'm aware of the price too. But i would like to an eco mode for town driving (with power loss ofcourse... lets say limit fuel to 10l/100km in city) and the normal (the 174BHP+CHIP tuned BHP ~ 200BHP) mode for the highway. In the city i don't really need that power. So i didn't et this right: can you do it? i need low consumption in city with about 120 BHP, and unleash the power of 200 BHP on the motorway. possible? for "alot" of money... :)


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Yes, it can be done! Cheaper solution would be to drive the std. Version fuel efficiently in the city (low RPM), you would have the same effect. But if you like this option, it's of course possible!

I have a funny story with the same setup, we have done it for a 'daddy' doesn't wanted his son to drive hard. So the remote control was the solution for him to control the power of the car when his son drove it. There is no way to activate the power without the remote control :-[ It ended up by the son contacting us to buy an additional remote control, but of course we stayed loyal to the daddy ;D
Also we have a lot of customers who want to hide the increased power from their wifes, another great opportunity of the remote switch!