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UPsolute Anti Piracy!

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    Be aware, the UPsolute Identity is often stolen to sell low quality products more expensive! Power Boxes made in China are labeled with the UPsolute logo to sell them for good money. Web pages try to make the visitor think they offer original UPsolute Products. Since UPsolute is very well known and has an excellent reputation, some companies fake UPsolute products to raise their profit. UPsolute has started the 'Stop piracy' campain to protect customers. Read more to find out how to identify this false products...

    Since UPsolute is a very well known and has a very good reputation, some companies fake UPsolute products to raise their profit. They cheat customers by letting them believe that they will get an original UPsolute product, but all they offer is a cheap Chiptuning which has nothing to do with the original high quality UPsolute Chiptuning!

    Attention: Power Boxes produced in China have the logo printed on them, but are NO OFFICIAL UPsolute products!

    The following companies have no relation to and do NOT sell official UPsolute products!


    Sells different chiptuning under UPsolute Label
    Shop B6, The Buzz
    Sandton Gauteng, South Africa

    NO relation to

    TypeEx-Distributor. Sold different chiptuning and claimed it is UPsolute chiptuning.Fraud to customers and UPsolute! Attention, most Chiptuning from 2008 is not official UPsolute! 
    Statusactive (2008-now)


    Stolen homepage design
    F├╝rzek Norbert

    NO relation to

    Type Logo Design with stolen parts (The chiptuning company), stolen homepage (pictures and old design), stolen database (link to database)
    Statusactive (2005-now)

    NO official UPsolute Chiptuning
    ul academician1/1

    NO realation to

    Type Ex-Distributor. Calls itself still UPsolute but does not sell official UPsolute Chiptuning Products. Most Chiptuning from 2008 is not UPsolute.
    Statusactive (2008-now)

    FAKE UPsolute Power Boxes!
    This are pictures of FAKED UPsolute Power Boxes! This are cheap Power Boxes made in China. They feature our company logo and 'Made in Deutschland'. They have nothing to do with, we do not sell Power Boxes!

    We want to protect you from this piracy products and think that selling cheap products and make customer believe they get the high quality UPsolute Chiptuning is no peccadillo, it's fraud to the customer! Help us to find the black sheep and bring them out of business. Let us know if you find any additional company/web page that is selling illegal UPsolute products.

    Find an updated list of fake websites at our 'Where to buy' section!

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