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hallo,habe vor ca 2 monaten meinen toledo 1.9 tdi sport 150 ps chippen lassen mit funk und versicherung,habe jetzt ca 2500 km gefahren,ich kann nur sagen bis jetzt bin ich sehr zufrieden mit dem ergebnis,ich hoffe das das weiter so bleibt mfg!!
Datum: 16 Juni 2004
von: tom 30
vienna, austria
The Power that I got, is Un beliveble the car can burn the tires in first gear..
also my fuel consumption now is 36 Mpg city and Aprox.42 Mpg Hwy....Uri
Datum: 09 Juni 2004
von: Uri Knoller
Redondo Beach, California USA
I first installed the chip in my '03 Jetta GLI. At first, I noticed some gains, but not that much since my car is stock. But don't get me wrong, I did notice some gains, enough gains to be happy with the purchase. But then I installed a catback system and a cold air intake. And WOW, with the combination of all three, this car flies. The back end gets sqiurlly. All I can say is the chip works great! I would defenitly buy it again, for more money if I had to.
Datum: 08 Juni 2004
von: Barry
Burbank, Ca. USA
I can vouch for Vagspeed´s good will & expert knowhow in upgrading any type of cars with the Upsolute programming. Mr Dissapointed" here is the only sucker here who is saying crap. I know of no client from Vagspeed who is not happy with the results so far...

My recommendation for Upsolute : Keep uo the excellent work guys !!! and to Mr. Dissapointed .. better stop doing lying around and start on improving your english my friend... besides .. Madrid, capital of the world? yeah you wish ...

Cheers from a forum friend )

Robo BeasTT ... 2000 Audi TT round 260-270 bhp ) !"
Datum: 04 Juni 2004
von: Jose Luis Gomez Bessa
Madrid, Madrid Spain
I think you are wrong.
We have never done a 320 ci in Madrid. :D

I have only made a coupe, it was a 318 i, and the costumer is a good friend of mine.

Datum: 04 Juni 2004
Madrid., Madrid. Spain
Amazing results! Professional and entertaining installation. John Achilles in N.J. is a five star distributor. Highly recommend the UP" chip in A4s through John."
Datum: 02 Juni 2004
von: Sumit
Pittsburgh, PA USA
Holy %#%@$ is this LEGAL!!! (O&A!)
My friend owns a shop and at my request we UP'ed my 99 Jetta after putting in a new engine (construction plate put a 4 hole in my oil pan). It took me a week to get my car back, He wouldn't give it back untill he demo'd it to several other customers, Yes they all got UP'ed as well.
Performance is great, no longer do 2.0 gasoline commuters tailights look familar. Most comforting is putting it in 5th and commuting the 60 mile trip usually without ever changing gears. I have heard the the fuel economy is better but smile-itis has kept me from lifting my foot off of the accelerator for any substantial duration of time, so I wouldn't know. I have been getting about 450 miles to the tank, but my arrival times have decreased substantially. I figure the fun will wear off in a couple of years, I'll report back then. Happy motoring!!!

Upsolute, thanks a ton.
Alain, Thanks for a quality job.
(Last Minute Racing, Stratford, CT 203-378-9090)

And if you HATE ROCK CHIPS? check out my site!

PS e-mail me if you have any questions about the chip I intend to V-Tech the car soon to get exact performance #'s."
Datum: 01 Juni 2004
von: Laszlo
New York, NY USA
Just got Up'd" Friday and WOW what a difference. So far so good. I take my friends for a ride and they, too, notice a huge difference in the acceleration of my 2001 TDI Jetta. Very pleased."
Datum: 30 Mai 2004
von: Doug
Houston, TX USA
It's great. I have a 2000 TDI 1.9 and when i stop at the lights and the guy next to me hear the diesel he smile but, when the light changes i am gone... Then I am smilling...
Next Intake sytem YEAAA baby. Keep UPCHIPPINGG...
Datum: 22 Mai 2004
von: Ed S. Cruz
Tampa, FL USA
i got mine chipped and i am ver happy the only thing im not to happy about is the fact that its non removable. other than that it was the best thing i ever bought for my car
Datum: 21 Mai 2004
von: Savva Savvidis
milford, ct 06460
I just got my '01 1.8 A4 chipped by Scott Ramsey and LOVE IT. I was amazed at increase in power. Scott was great. I'd higly recommend it. Only an hour and a half vs sending it away to some of the other vendors, not to mention the test drive with his laptop so you can see how well everything is working.
Thanks again!
Datum: 21 Mai 2004
von: Todd Tagget
Brentwood, NH USA
i got my 2003.5 1.8t beetle chipped two days ago. The car is now amazing, i beat an SR20DET turbo 240SX easy by 2 cars and owned a 2002 Celica GT-S with nothing but the chip and a removed snowbox
Datum: 16 Mai 2004
von: mark belyakovich
philadelphia, pa usa
I've had my 1998 Audi A4 1.8t chipped by Wetterauer about a year ago.I recently invited Tazz from Ontario to chip several of my customers TDI's.After completing 4 diesels,he proceeded to inform me about the 1.8T's.He then insisted that his chip is way better then Wett's chip.I was extremely skeptical,but went ahead and had Tazz chip my ECM.WOW!!!! Its like he found 50 more horses in my engine.Its AMAZING!!! Thanks again Tazz.Hopefully i'll have some more cars for you soon.
Datum: 12 Mai 2004
von: Matt veshia
Orchard park, ny
I recently had my car chipped with the UPsolute chip by Scott Ramsey (MA distributor). The upgrade went very quickly and Scott anwered all my questions. The car is great now. I'll highly recomend Scott and UPsolute upgrade to my friends.
Datum: 12 Mai 2004
von: Vlad Yasevich
Merrimack, NH USA
About 10000 kilometres have passed since I had my Skoda Fabia TDI upsoluted. All I can say, although I had been sceptical at first, is that the car consumes less fuel (long run average 5.1 litres). But when needed, the acceleration and top speed make me smiling. The only unidentified change, that coincides in time with changing the chip is occurence of the orange engine check warning lamp on the dashboard. Both times there were no consequences, but the reason for that remains a mystery.
Datum: 12 Mai 2004
von: Aljaz Anderle
Trzic, Slovenia Slovenia
Wanted to thank Scott Ramsey in Shrewsbury, MA for the very professional consultation and installation of the Upsolute program in my 2004.5 Passat GLS 4motion. The car performs wonderfully, power is great and predictable, and very smooth. Just as promised. I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting this much!! It is totally exciting. Totally worth the cost of admission. Scott Ramsey is superb to deal with, he promptly replied to all of my emails, was very available and knowledgeble, he answered all of my questions, an all around great guy. Thanks Scott and thanks Upsolute!!
Datum: 10 Mai 2004
von: Jeremy D. Poshkus
Auburn, Massachusetts USA
Hi i have 2000 VW beetle 1.9TDI 90hp,1896cc looking for chip or power box. Second, place in Florida to take to install items.
Datum: 30 April 2004
von: Ed Cruz
Tampa, FL USA
Had my car chipped last summer at My Garage Inc in CT. You hear about the chip, but until you get take that first ride, it means nothing. It completely changes the nature of the car. I had the updated program installed by Scott Ramsey (Shrewsbury, MA) last week and it runs a lot smoother and peaks higher. Scott is a smart guy and an enthusiast, I recommed both the chip and Scott for those in the area looking for more from their VAG car.
Datum: 27 April 2004
von: aheller
Methuen, MA USA
we just tuned 3 cars. 2 audi a4 and one vw jetta tdi. I would never believe the result until i feel it myself after the absoulte chip is intalled in your vehicle, and the professional way which was done by John explaining everything in detail and how it works, was a great help also. He is number one, and it was pleasure to spend the time with him. Believe me try it and you will not be disappointed. It is a great investment. You will not be sorry with the out come. Arthur, Armen and Greg. On the way back, believe it or not, we didn't feel that we were going fast but when we looked down, the speedometer read 125MPH!!!!!
Datum: 25 April 2004
von: Armen Kamozian
saddle brook, nj USA
had my car, a VW Bora TDI 110 HP, chipped by VW to 130. No total satisfaction here, but then I met Evry and he not only chipped my car one time but a second and third time too!! Talk about service here! The first time I got real raw power that the engine couldn't quite handle in low RPMs, so he tuned it a little bit back there and it still runs like posessed!! Thanks Evry, you sure have a happy customer here!
Datum: 23 April 2004
von: Raymond
Netherlands, Netherlands
Thanks 4Ali
Seat Leon cupra2004 with big turbo racing n75 70mm exhaust sistem. you made exelant chip for me the car run very strong till the end of the gear . YOU ARE THE BEST .(600m 200km per hour) .
Datum: 22 April 2004
von: Ronen Naor
Tel Aviv, Israel
Went to the guys at My Garage in Connecticut. They were very informative and got me in and out quite quickly. About the chip... holy #%&@!! Its great, the car is a new car to me, acceleration is phenominal. Upsolute and the guys at My Garage are fantastic!
Datum: 17 April 2004
von: Basil Kazepis
Westchester, NY USA
ende märz war es für meinen leon soweit ... ihm wurden flügel verliehen. nach einem langstreckentest über 2350km fast in einem durch auf germanischen autobahnen bin ich richtig begeistert!!! das beschleunigen macht jetzt wesentlich mehr spass als vorher mit 110PS. vor allem wenn das ESP inaktiv ist und nicht dazwischenbremst...
DANKE für den professionellen und raschen einbau!
Datum: 13 April 2004
von: iszo
, österreich
Ich habe den Chip aus Oberwaltersdorf über 100.000 km eingebaut, bin immer zufrieden gewesen und werde es bei einem neuen Auto sofort wieder tun.
Datum: 12 April 2004
von: weanrito
Vienna, Austria
OMG! Just had my VW Golf1.8T Upsoluted... what a major difference!! If you have one of these, u no longer have to peak off at 3-4000rpm in gears.. it just keeps on going!! Simply excellent! :-D
Datum: 09 April 2004
von: Martin
Essex, UK
Wow, Fantastic, simon from CCC TECHNO has just fitted chip upgrade to my 2002 mercedes vito 110 what a difference, one word OUTRAGEOUS.
Cheers Simon
Datum: 05 April 2004
von: David Parker
whitehill, Hampshire england
WOW, upsolute wahnsinn... wie die anderen schon gesagt haben... lol I got my 2003 GOLF TDI 5 speed tuned by Lanny in chino hills *very nice guy, very helpful*, and the result was just amazing, the power delivery is so smooth and liquid, it's amazing, and the power.... WOW, i can't get over how much useable power this engine has now, it feels as good if not better than a stock 1.8T! I was testing" it on the interstate this cool evening, and noticed that even in 5th gear, it pulled HARD, and it pulled so hard that I let out a devilish giggle as the needle swept past the triple digit mark and into the nether regions in excess of 130MPH. Just... good lord, thank you. UPSOLUTE is the best and only chip for the TDI in my opinion. :)"
Datum: 30 März 2004
von: Randy B
Corona, CA USA
Hallo, hier meine erster Bericht: Renault Espace 2,2 dci. Nach dem ersten Tuning war das Fahrzeug von 100% Zufriedenheit schon fast perfekt (95%). Nur die Trägheit" im unteren Drehzahlbereich (bis zum Turboeinsatz) sollte noch besser sein. Nach kurzer Klärung des Kundenwunsches, wurde nach ein paar Testtagen prompt der Bereich "nachjustiert" und damit hat nun der Ranult die nötige, gleichmässige Leistung, wie es sich für so ein Fahrzeug (Größe, Gewicht) gehört. Werde nach ein paar Tankfüllungen nochmals posten. Danke an das Team in Oberwaltersdorf. "
Datum: 17 März 2004
von: Thomas
Wien, Österreich
I recently had my BMW 330d (184 hp) tuned up by Frank in Vilanova, gaining 28 hp power and 60 Nm torque... the sensation is like having a hand behind the car pushing it when I hit the gas, or as if my car suddenly was weighing quite a lot less. It feels GREAT and I doubt there could be any better price-quality relation - I've seen chips that are supposed to give up to 30% more performance than the Upsolute one, but they all cost AT LEAST three times as much!

Also, Frank is a great guy, very professional while very friendly. If and when I change cars I'll be seeing him again.


Recientemente llevé mi BMW 330d (184 cv) al Chipodromo de Frank en Vilanova, ganando 28 cv de potencia y 60 Nm de torque... tengo la sensación de que hay una mano invisible empujándome cuando piso el acelerador, o como si le hubiesen quitado unos cuantos kilos de peso al coche. Es una PASADA y dudo que haya productos con mejor relación precio-calidad - hay chips que supuestamente rinden hasta un 30% más, pero ninguno cuesta menos del TRIPLE!

Además, Frank es un tipo fantástico, muy profesional y muy simpático. Si y cuando cambie de coche iré a verlo nuevamente.
Datum: 15 März 2004
von: Till Wagner
Barcelona, Spain
Just had my car chipped by Scott Ramsey in Shrewsbury, MA. and I couldn't be happier! Its like a new car, great acceleration, blew by A4 and a 323 on the ride back to NH and never looked back. Scott was a real pro to deal with and I will be sure to recommend him and Upsolute every chance I get.
Datum: 13 März 2004
von: Michael Egan
Manchester, NH USA
Great job by John Achille in Belmar NJ. He was done within an hour, and I find it quite amusing when my 2001 Golf TDI basically drives off and leaves EVERY our car behind, even at 90 MPH!, Best $300 spent ever - Just do it!
Datum: 11 März 2004
von: Bryan Paul
Huntington, NY USA
Had my '03 Golf TDI chipped one week ago by Great power, no smoke. Good fellow, good work. Thanks.
Datum: 07 März 2004
von: Byron
Calgary, Alberta Canada
I am happy with the chip and compare to the apr chip upsolute works much beter i race same car with giac and i won thank to you upsolut
Datum: 27 Februar 2004
chicago, il USA
To John Achille, Thank you very much. The TDI real runs very good. Walt Carter aka David's dad
Datum: 22 Februar 2004
von: Walt Carter
Hatfield, PA USA
I can't say enough about the professionalism of John Achille in Belmar, NJ! He was absolutely a pleasure to deal with and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Oh yeah, did I mention that I love my Upsolute chip?!?!
Datum: 21 Februar 2004
von: David Carter
Ivyland, PA USA
heute, 17/2/2004, gechipt... new beetle 1.8T automatic, durchzugvermoegen extrem verbessert, vmax nach tacho nun 225kmh statt 210kmh. habe winterreifen drauf, deswegen werde ich mit sommerreifen nochaml posten.

chipped today, 17/2/2004, my new bettle 1.8T automatic. passing and autobahn acceleration is extremely better now, max velocity is now 225kmh, 140mph, was 210kmh, 131mph.... will post again when summertires are mounted...
Datum: 17 Februar 2004
von: Cord Frederic Romberg
Heidelberg, BW Germany
Hallo *!
Also ich muß euch sagen, der Upgrade des Clio-2 1,5 dCi von Release 65 auf Release über 80" (82, 85, ??) per OBD ist Stefan mehr als gelungen!!
Einfach Mega-Titten-Affen-Geil -))
Das Baby hat jetzt einen Durchzug in der Fünften von 70 bis 130, der einfach sensationell ist.
Daher nochmals: MegaTittenAffenGeil!
Datum: 10 Februar 2004
von: Chris'XL
Vienna, Austria
Datum: 06 Februar 2004
von: STEVE
Muchas gracias upsolute, y muchas gracias Frank (Chipodromo Vilanova). Los resultados en mi Ford Focus TDCi han sido espectaculares y satisfactorios. Muchos animos a todo el que todavia dude en hacer la repro" en su coche, estais en manos de profesionales.
Salu2 Jordi"
Datum: 05 Februar 2004
von: Jordi
Vilanova i la Geltru, Barcelona España
Ich konnte es nicht glauben, wesentlich mehr Drehmoment zwischen 1100 und 2000 U/min, einfach unglaulich. Absolut empfehlenswert.
Datum: 03 Februar 2004
von: Martin Gaisch
Wien, Wien Österreich
Vor ca. 1 Jahr haben ich von den Jungs hier meinen A3 1,8T von 180 auf 211PS Chippen lassen. Ich war Super zufrieden, wollte aber mehr Leistung! ;o) Heute bekam ich dann *KOSTENLOS!* ein Update auf 225PS 330NM!
Einfach nur Genial!!!
Würde jederzeit wieder mein Baby in eure Hände geben!
Super Preis/Leistung...Klasse Service und Kundendienst!!
Weiter so!
Datum: 31 Jänner 2004
von: Velocity
NRW Germany, NRW Germany
Hab meinen Passat 1.9 TDI 110PS vor ca. 1/2 Jahr in Oberwaltersdorf tunen lassen. Seit dem ist das Fahrzeug nicht wieder zu erkennen. Dank dem Funkschalter kann ich auch meine Frau bei dem Schnee auf die Strasse lassen :-)
Vielen Dank nochmal an das Team in Oberwaltersdorf!
Datum: 28 Jänner 2004
von: martin
Vienna, Austria
BTW, it was Simon Coe who did mine. I strongly recommend this guy as he did a great job.. and he's a top bloke too.

Oh, and thanks to Valois for the box of goodies :)
Datum: 23 Dezember 2003
von: Union Jack
Derby, UK
This is the 2nd car that Upsolute have waved their magic over. And this time around its a 1.8T, so its an amazing transformation.
Brilliant, love this car!
Datum: 23 Dezember 2003
von: Union Jack
Derby, UK
Had my 1.8T upsoluted and it now goes like a rocket and is much smoother. Also is giving better mpg...Thanks to Simon Coe, fantastic job.
Datum: 18 Dezember 2003
von: Sanj
coventry, U.K
Special thanks to Frank from Chipodromo (Spain),he is a very good profesional.
I´m a 1.8T owner, i´m really surprised with the modification results, all the gears are powerfull!!
Now i fell the turbo working as i desired.....
Datum: 14 Dezember 2003
von: Oriol
Vilafranca del Penedes, Barcelona Spain
Mein BMW 330d wurde vor ca. 1 Jahr getunt. Ich bin seitdem 65000 km gefahren, meist voll beladen und so schnell es die Umstände zuließen. Der Verbrauch beträgt für meine Fahrweise sensationelle 8,1 Liter. Herzlichen Dank nochmals an die Jungs von Upsolute Oberwaltersdorf, die das Tuning meines Fahrzeugs (Freitag abend, BMW Zitta Wr. Neustadt, Autovermietung Flughafen etc.) wohl nie vergessen werden. Wenn das nächste Auto fällig ist sehen wir uns wieder.
Datum: 09 Dezember 2003
von: Emanuel Hofer
Höflein, NÖ Österreich
This is my second car to receive the Upsolute treatment. And this one is even better than the last. Fantastic service and for anyone wondering how their 1.8T will feel afterwards? Just get it done and you will know. It is a transformation! Had Simon from the Midlands aread do mine. His service is second to none. I strongly recomend him.
Fabulous performance and service :)
Datum: 06 Dezember 2003
von: Union Jack
, UK
This is my second car to receive the Upsolute treatment. And this one is even better than the last. Fantastic service and for anyone wondering how their 1.8T will feel afterwards? Just get it done and you will know. It is a transformation!
Fabulous :)
Datum: 06 Dezember 2003
von: Union Jack
, UK
Anyone that wants to improve the performance or shifting smoothness needs to invest in a Upsolute chip. John Achille in Belmar, New Jersey, is both knowledgable and professional. I will be recommending him to all my car friends at the track. Thanks again John!
Datum: 17 November 2003
von: Dr. Richard H. Glacken
New Jersey, USA
I have 2 words HOLY CRAP !!! upsolute is awsome i have a 2002 jetta 1.8T and what a diferance. The 1.8 engine is fast stock but the upsolute chipping" brings out the animal in it, and lets the engine run the way it is supposed to FAST! Thanks to John Achille in Belmar, NJ for the fast install. the upsolute "chip" is by far the best $300 you could spend on your car. my first test drive i saw a little improvement but on the highway man let me tell you the car was flying and i was loving every minute of it and still am. bottom line.....UPSOLUTE ROCKS!!! "
Datum: 13 November 2003
von: mark perez
jersey city, nj us
Wow! What a difference. I brought my 2001 VW Jetta 1.8T Wolfsburg to John Achille in Belmar, NJ last night to get me car rechipped. I have to say it was done very professionally, he explained everything he was doing, and answered all of my questions quite thoroughly. If only dealing with the car dealerships was this easy!

Well, after he chipped my car, we brought it out for a little test spin. Didn't really notice much pulling out of this development, but we hit the on ramp to the highway, and I hit third gear and stepped on the gas, and oh my god! I knew I got my money's worth. If I ever had any doubts about the benefits of chipping, they are gone now. My Jetta rocks now! Best of all, I didn't have to send my chip away and be without a car for a week. Thanks Upsolute (and of course John)!
Datum: 13 November 2003
von: Timothy Morgenthaler
Silver Spring, MD
My 90 pk passat is driving like a newome whit the upsolute chip in it now . i have now 116 pk an 265 nm . everybody must buy a chip from upsolute
Datum: 12 November 2003
von: Nick Delwaide
Maldegem, Maldgem Belgium
Just had Upsolute chip put in on 2003 996TT.Wow!Four years ago I spent over $10,000 to modify a 97TT,and now in 2003 I spend $500 on a chip and get a better result! John Achille was incredible in his knowledge and technical skills.The car is like day and night.Can't wait to chip my other cars.Thanks John!!!
Datum: 07 November 2003
von: Ricky Henner
N. Woodmere, New York USA
Got my 2003 Jetta 1.8T chipped today. The results are awesome. I got my winter tires on now, which sucks because I can't even drive the car to it's fullest potential. The traction control comes every second. The car is really powerful and I felt it as soon as I left the shop. UPSOLUTE is the way to go. Forget APR, pretty similiar and twice the price. Save your money for more important mods.
Datum: 03 November 2003
von: Jay Cherun
Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada
Ich wollte dem upsolute Team danken.
Es ist immerwieder erstaunlich wie mein Passat 3B Tdi (110 bzw.143 Ps) anschiebt wenn ich auf die mehrleistung
Trotz der vielen Kilometer (183000)gibt es bis jetzt keine Propleme.
Bin bis jetzt ca.3000 gefahren.
Ps:Hoffentlich lassen sich nicht alle von euch einenchip verbauen sonst geht der Spaßfaktor verloren :-).
Mfg. Tom
Datum: 02 November 2003
von: thomas
Wien, Österreich
My BMW 320D hasbeen upsoluted by Evry Schuiling, About two months ago. The car is a lot more powerfull and milage is the same, if not better than before!
The feeling in fifth gear is like you drive in fourth gear before!
Datum: 01 November 2003
von: J. Oosten
Echtenerbrug, Friesland The Netherlands
Wow, 15k since chip mod, my 03 Golf TDI PULLS!! thank you for the extra punch...well worth the money!!
Datum: 28 Oktober 2003
von: Matt Hurst
Seattle, WA usa
Habe letzte Woche meinen BMW 330d bei Upsolute Salzburg tunen lassen. Die Leistungssteigerung ist einfach unglaublich, weiters erfreulich ist die Freundlichkeit und Competenc von Hr.Lercher nochmals vielen Dank
Datum: 06 Oktober 2003
von: Peter
UPSOLUTE !!! Einfach Super !!! 8)... Habe letzte Woche meinen AUDI A4 1,9 tdi 110 ps bei Herrn Lercher in Salzburg vorbei gebracht UND JETZT IST ER ZUM LEBEN ERWACHT !!! RICHTIG ZORNIG IST ER JETZT !!! THX Perfect Work !!! 8)
Datum: 16 September 2003
münchen, germany
I recently got my '95 850 Turbo sedan fitted with the Upsolute ECU. Best money I've ever spent on it! The car runs with much higher boost and really pins you back in the seat. Along with that the car seems to idle and drive smoother, as well. Excellent customer service, too!
Datum: 15 September 2003
von: Jay
Omaha, NE U.S.A.
thanks to Evry Schuiling for chipping my mercedes vito 112 cdi, before chipping i had allways a good feeling with the power 122 ps and 300 nm but now its chipped its really awesome, good work thx.
Datum: 13 September 2003
von: R. van Duijn
Barendrecht, ZH Netherlands
I have with upsolute some time I really feel the change my car is a 2001 1.8T New Beetle, best money I ever spend, in the dyno with just a new exahust is 201hp
Datum: 02 September 2003
von: Mario
Mexico, Mexico Mexico
I had my 2000 Jetta TDI with an automatic & 160,000 miles chipped last week. The power boost is incredible and milage seems to be the same if not better. I am most happy that there is no funny quirks or drivability issues whatsoever. The car runs as smooth in all ranges as it always has. The only change is now it actually goes when I push the pedal. Tom Calvert at Illinois Dyno Center is wonderful to work with. He answered all my questions and demonstrated the proffesionalism I look for when my car need something done. Great Product, Great Distributor.
Datum: 02 September 2003
von: Glenn Herrmann
Poplar Grove, IL. U.S.A.
Schnell, sauber, seriös, kurz Perfekt, danke und weiter so!
Datum: 01 September 2003
von: Martin
Vienna, Austria
Wayne in Baltimore hooked me up. Great guy to deal with too. This chip made a world of difference in my '03 GTI 1.8T and I can't explain how much I love driving my car. Upsolute power all the way.
Datum: 27 August 2003
von: Phil Satterfield
rivesville, wv USA
Hi folks,
It has been like a month now since i have been chipped by Evry Schuiling, after somewhat difficulties regarding the chips used in my box, but now being chipped whith the correct chips and software my Golf 90 PK TDI drives very smoothly and strong, torque and power has increased very significantly and motor character is very pleasant.
I have got a new motor inside, and yes i also still smile every time i drive my car.
It seems that it also smokes a little more, but the way it drives compensates that bit of disadvantage.
My only negative point is that my mileage has not been improved, but decreased from 17,9 km per litre to 16.5 km.
I surely don't drive more different than the way i did before, even after driving more carefully i don't improve my old mileage, so that is my only disappointment.
But i am very much satisfied with the way it drives with more torque below and power in the higher rpm ranges.
So in overall i can say Evry you did a good job in chipping my car..
Thanx a lot..

Datum: 23 August 2003
von: Andre
Heerlen, Limburg Netherlands
Upsolutely awesome! My A3 1.8T had serious lack of power and torque on 3rd and 4th gear. After chipping those problems are gone =D Only minus thing is fast acceleration and exceeding speed limits when police is around the corner. =/
Datum: 22 August 2003
von: Lauri
Finland, Finland
Wazzzzz up! I have a bora 1.8t 150 hp and yesterday I got it chipped, and let me tell you that it became a thunder!!!!, I´m still amazed ,it is a new car, period !!!!.
If you haven´t got your chip what are you waiting for??? stop reading this an go with your nearest distributor...
Thank to Jyasu my mexican representative!!
Datum: 22 August 2003
von: SERG
Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico
Had my '03 VW Jetta 1.8T chipped yesterday. Wow what a difference! Haven't done anything else to it except the chip, well I took it to the track as soon as it was done and I was killing those little rice burning Honda's and Acura's (who by the way were totally bolt-on modified). I couldn't believe the gains. 3rd and 4th gear are monsters! Best money I've ever spend on an aftermaket upgrade. Can't wait to get it back over to Deutschland and put it on the Autobahn. Autobahn 81, look out here comes trouble! Much thanks to Mike Alley for is professionalism and technical knowledge, very very meticulous when it came to working on the ECU, explained everything to me before he did it. Really wish speed limits in the states would go up!!!

Thanks Upsolute,
Steve Harms
Datum: 22 August 2003
von: Steve Harms
Copperas Cove, Texas USA
Hallo liebe Beetle Turbo Freunde ! Der Upsolte Chip ist DER HAMMER ! Auf dem Prüfstand hatte ich 358 NM Drehmoment - arme Kupplung, aber der Spass ist's Wert :-)
Besucht mal unser 1.8 Turbo Tuning Forum unter !!!
Datum: 21 August 2003
von: Pierre
Germany, Germany
Upsolute chip works great in my 1.8T a4. THanks to JOHN A. for being very informative and helpful.
Datum: 20 August 2003
von: Leighton
New york,, New york,
Datum: 11 August 2003
von: Cornz
hab vor zwei Wochen meinen Fiat Stilo bei Hr. Lercher chippen lassen...
Jetzt lebt" er -)
Thx, perfect work

Datum: 22 Juli 2003
von: hAppY custOMeR
, Austria
also: alle achtung! bin mit der arbeit der fa. upsolute chiptuning" voll zufrieden!

mein fabia läuft nun mit 133PS wie ein glöckerl!!!!!!!!

weiter so!!"
Datum: 22 Juli 2003
von: Listbua
I'm due to have my 98 passat 1.8t chipped on thursday and i nervously await the outcome. I hope it's as good as some of the reviews i've read.
I will post a response some time next week....thats if i decide to get out of my car
Datum: 15 Juli 2003
von: Sanj
Coventry, UK
Had my VW Caravelle TDi Chipped by Simon Coe about a month ago. This is the second car Simon has worked his magic on for me and I am again very impresses with the upgrade and with the very professional and friendly service from Simon.
My insurers Liverpool Victoria did not Charge any extra premium either.
Datum: 08 Juli 2003
von: Mark
Hull, UK
Got my 98 Volvo V70 T5 chipped last week by Bill at Adreneline Racing. I was very skeptical about the power gains claimed with the Upsolute Chip, being of the old school that increased power required mechanical modifications. Boy was I wrong.

I'm very pleased. No, that doesn't decribe it. I'm estactic. Best money I've ever spent on any car performance enchancement ever. Power increase is dramatic, unbelieveable almost. Mileage remains relatively the same, which is great considering the increase in power.
Datum: 05 Juli 2003
von: John
I have a 110 cv Seat Ibiza. A few days ago, it was installed a Upsolute Chip.
Now, the car has arround 140 cv. The car is another. It will endure for many years, because i´m very carefull with my car.

Thanks to Matti (great work)
Datum: 01 Juli 2003
von: Fernando Bau
Lisboa, Portugal
Upsolute is far better than chipping" a car with APR stages. My neighbour and I have identical vehicles (2003 A4 1.8T). My neighbour chipped his car using the APR system. He is currently at Stage 1+ (chip upgrade/new injectors/new air filter/new CAT back exhaust), all this for a total of about $2500CND. I just got my car done using the Upsolute system and guess what. My car is faster. More power and more torque for $500CND. That's right 1/5th the price and about 20HP and 20lbs of torque more than the APR chip. For anyone debating whether to go with Upsolute, there is no question that you get much more bang for the buck - literally. The comparison has been made and Upsolute is the winner over APR - NO QUESTION!!! "
Datum: 29 Juni 2003
von: Sam Kataria
Toronto, ONT Canada
Met with Jim Wilson, a distributor in Tampa. Awesome customer service and incredible power gain!! I have a 2000 New Beetle TDI GLS!! Thanks Jim!! :)
Datum: 22 Juni 2003
von: Sheila Loiselle
Port Richey, FL USA
Just had a trip down to meet John Achille and get a little chip-up work done on my 1999.5 Jetta 2.0 GLS. Yeah I said a 2.0! The procedure worked, and Doctor John did a great job. His knowledge is aparent as you see him handle the soldering iron. Then during the test ride he noticed my suspension mod, as he explained what I'd be experiencing as the chip settles in. Sounds good, feels nice and smooth with a pleasant amount of power to burn in 5th cruising with traffic at 75mph... nice!
Datum: 21 Juni 2003
von: John Jernstrom
Rockaway, NJ USA
Ich habe gestern meinen BMW 320d (136 PS)in Oberwaltersdorf chippen lassen und bin restlos begeistert. Mit dem Originalchip war es stets eine Geißel, daß das Auto unter 2000 U/min recht lahm beschleunigt hat, um darüber plötzlich vehement zuzulegen. Das ist vor allem im Stadtverkehr mühsam, denn man möchte ja nicht bei 25 km/h auf die Erste zurückschalten um zu verhindern, daß man von einem 50 PS-Auto von hinten torpediert wird. Mit dem Upsolute-Chip ist das Problem aus der Welt geschafft, das Auto beschleunigt jetzt ab ca. 1500 U/min ruckfrei und ohne Loch deutlich stärker, der Drehmomentzuwachs von ca. 25% ist über das gesamte Band deutlich spürbar und zudem legt der Motor jetzt oben noch zu (168 PS). Bei gleicher Beschleunigung wie mit dem Originalchip steht man nur noch etwa halb so weit am Gas, was sich sicherlich auf den Verbrauch auswirkt. Eine gelungene Sache! Danke!
Datum: 21 Juni 2003
von: Cee Jay
, Austria
First upsoluted Rover in Portugal :-)

very nice increase in power..

it's a new car now!

but some smoke also

thanks Matti , portuguese distributor for all the job and hours over one less standard ecu :-)
Datum: 13 Juni 2003
von: ThE_KiLLeR
Lisboa, Portugal
Well, it's been 2 days since my install and I've yet to stop face hurts from all the smiling...the increased power is awesome...this is how my 2001 Wolfsburg was built to run!! VW should factory install this chip and a Hyperboost DV on all their 1.8T cars!!
Datum: 07 Juni 2003
von: Ray Gardner
Lafayette Hill, PA USA
John Achille breathed life into my 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg! Not only did he do a very professional job but he explained, in laymans terms, how my car would be be modified by the software. All in all, a great experience for me.
Datum: 06 Juni 2003
von: Ray Gardner
Lafayette Hill, PA USA
Had my car UPSOLUTED end of this week and the performance difference is amazing. Big thanks to Simon Coe, great job ;)
Datum: 31 Mai 2003
von: Alvin Evans
Kent, UK
Had my A4 1.8T Quattro Sport upgraded. Very pleased with the result. Many thanks to distributor Simon Coe...
Datum: 30 Mai 2003
von: Richard Mead
Oxford, UK
und das leben macht noch mehr spass.
vielen dank an helmut lercher (st.johann) der meinem ford focus tdci fahrspass pur eingehaucht hat. und alles freundlich, schnell und top-qualität.
recht herzlichen dank nochmal und bis zum nächsten mal.
Datum: 27 Mai 2003
von: Robert
Bhofen, Austria (no Kangarooos)

erstmal besten dank an den freundlichen und kompetenten Herrn Lercher aus St. Johann bei Salzburg.

Am Donnerstag hat er meinen Audi A3 TDI 130PS auf 163PS verholfen, und die Leistung jetzt ist der absolute wahnsinn.

Hoffe das das rauchen noch ein bißchen besser wird, aber das soll durch die KAT Ablagerungen am Anfang normal sein. Ansonsten kommt jetzt ein Motor-Dauer-Test, da ich sehr viel mit dem Auto fahre. Weitere Erfahrungen werde ich hier gerne mitteilen!

Datum: 23 Mai 2003
von: Roman
Pfaffenhofen, Bayern Deutschland
Best improvement I've done to my car so far!
Datum: 22 Mai 2003
von: Michael Rempel
New Jersey USA, New Jersey USA
I had my 2001 Passat 4-motion wagon upgraded with the Upsolute chip. Lanny Richardson did the upgrade. He was fast, efficient and very meticulous. He is really good. He also took the time to explain to my son and I what he was doing.

The results are worthwhile: the accleration lag (delay) is gone and the shifts are much smoother. The Upsolute chip is a definite improvement at an affordable price.

Now all I want is for Upsolute to make a TipChip for the Passat.

Thanks, Robert
Datum: 21 Mai 2003
von: Robert L Jones
Irvine, CA USA
garantierte Mehrleistung + überzeugende Fahrleistung + rascher Einbau sowie kompetente und freundliche Mitarbeiter haben auch uns von JPR-Racing überzeugt, Upsolut Tuning für alle Motronik -Leistungsteigerungen als Partner zu wählen.

- power for speed -

Patrick Janeczek
Datum: 20 Mai 2003
von: JPR-Racing
pyhra-austria, NÖ Austria
i recently dynoed my 2002 1.8T vw and was extremly happy with the numbers.
196hp/237tq compared to around 165hp/170tq in stock trim.
Datum: 11 Mai 2003
von: brad hee
san jose, ca usa
flott, effizient und sauber !!
(Passat 1,9TDI, 90PS)
Datum: 09 Mai 2003
von: farmer
, Austria
Habe vor kurzem meinen Audi A6 Avant 2,7T bei Upsolute in Wiesbaden Chippen lassen und bin begeistert vom Ergebnis. Der Audi hat von Werk 230PS/310NM, jetzt nach der Modifizierung von Upsolute bringt er jetzt ca.270PS/460NM und das spricht für sich!

Ich möchte mich noch speziell bei Klaus Hofmann (von Ceep cool cars) für den schnellen Einbau bzw. für den reibungslosen Ablauf bedanken.
Datum: 30 April 2003
von: Jordan
Stuttgart, BW Deutschland
Just chipped my Audi A3 1,8T from 180PS to 211PS!
Its amazing! Thats no car, thats a Weapon! ;o)
Thanks to the whole UPSOLUTE TEAM!!!

PS. The Customer Service via Email is excellent! (Greetings to Michaela) ;o)
Datum: 29 April 2003
von: Martin
Herten, NRW Germany
I just chipped my 2002 996 Twin Turbo. What an improvement! Perfect drivability and it really improved the mid-range punch. You can feel the added power in all driving situations. Lanny Richardson was terrific and the turnaround was fast. Great service and a quality product.
Rick Mazer
Datum: 25 April 2003
von: Rick Mazer
Whittier, California USA
Vissited Evry Schuiling for new chip for my 156 1.9 JTD. The results were enormous!!!!. Before 105 HP now 140HP. Thanx Evry!!!
Datum: 22 April 2003
von: Greg
Netherlands, Netherlands
Vissited Evry Schuiling for new chip for my 156 1.9 JTD. The results were enormous!!!!. Before 105 HP now 140HP. Thanx Evry!!!
Datum: 22 April 2003
von: Greg
Netherlands, Netherlands

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