¿MY2016 Q5 2.0T, 8R2907115C/0001 ECU boxcode chiptuning software?

Felipe Plazas

New Member
Hi, ¿are you guys developing software for this ECU boxcode (8R2907115C/0001)? If not, ¿could it be made? My ride is a MY2016 Audi Q5 2.0T Quattro Tip, 169kw/230hp, CNCE engine (MLB Gen 3 platform). Thanks!


Hello Felipe,

thank you for your request!

We can already offer a tuning for this Audi Q5. Power will increase to 290hp and 420nm.

I would kindly ask you, to send us a mail to office@upsolute.com, so that we can forward your request to your nearest distributor. All our distributors offer exactly the same tuning as we do.

Best regards